Hi boys!

We are planning a sauna evening before the football season starts. Please answer this poll and tell us which day (11 April or 18 April) you prefer:


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Hola Colo-Colistas,
1) we had a board meeting last week and the minutes are online.
2) the folder with the fees are updated and as a reminder, fees are to be made until 31.03
3) I created a new folder " Training and Games", where you find a document with the futsal training times and the games for the summer seasons including the links Tomi posted, below.

In case you have questions or ideas - let me know

Here is the link to all the information above:



We won 7-2!

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I just realized that 1 top team from each division continue playing in the final round. 2 more games that we won't have. But we can follow how the winners of our group do vs. the other groups.


Merihaka. Our place workouts on Fridays..

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Ok thank you