We won 7-2!

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I just realized that 1 top team from each division continue playing in the final round. 2 more games that we won't have. But we can follow how the winners of our group do vs. the other groups.


Merihaka. Our place workouts on Fridays..

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Ok thank you

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dear all, my latest information is that we have 26 player fro summer. This is of course to much for one team, but we also do not reach our target for 2 teams, which is 28. Nevertheless, we must register the teams tomorrow and will sign up 2 teams for division VI and VII. We need to find about 4 more players to break financially even, but we are confident that this is possible, considereing that some players would like to play, but need to sort out their personal situation before committing.

This is just a brief update for you. I hope you made it well into 2015
All the best


Please remember that trams and metros are on strike tomorrow (23.9)