Colo-Colo fundado el 4 de abril de 1988 y registrado en el Suomen Palloliitto en 1992. El Club tiene abierta sus puertas a todos. Nuestra finalidad es crear un Club de Futbol organizado y competente, donde podamos disfrutar del deporte y de actividades en común, sintiendonos en un ambiente amigable y respetando a todos sus componentes.

Football Club Colo-Colo was founded on 4 April 1988 and registered in Suomen Palloliitto in 1992.

We are playing in 6th division.

President: Daniel Sarmiento
Vice-President: Krister Wennerqvist
Treasurer: Jarno Lonardi
Secretary: Miika Latva
Board member: Jeremy Bruder

Bank Account: FI57 8000 1970 5215 64
Email: colocolo(piste)hki(miuku)gmail(piste)com

Public Space:

Laji Jalkapallo ja futsal
Kotipaikka Helsinki
Sarja football 6 div. / futsal 5 div.
Jäseniä 33
Joukkue on avoin uusille pelaajille. Katso joukkueen ilmoitus pelaajapörssissä.
Joukkueella ei ole julkisia tapahtumia. Ole hyvä ja kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi tapahtumat.

Hello, everybody.

Here are the new roles for each of the board members for 2019.

Daniel Sarmiento - President
Krister Wennerqvist- Vice-President
Jarno Lonardi - Treasurer
Miika Latva - Secretary
Jeremy Bruder - Board member

There have also been a few changes to the responsibilities of each position and they are as follows:

-Kits and kit pawns

-Communication to members
-Friendly matches and tournaments

-Player registrations, licenses and transfers

-Communication to new players (tryouts)

Player fees

The full minutes of the meeting will be published soon and I recommend that you read through them.

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